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Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? I do

Sitting in my home, I heard Tina Turner’s hit song ‘What’s love got to do with it‘ playing from a random direction and when it got to the part where she asked ‘Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken?
I answered ‘I do’ to myself 🙂

And here’s why:

I relate to her story and probably why she wrote the song and it makes a bit of sense.
No woman deserves to be hitten or abused.

But we are love beings.

Matters of the heart does not refer to the hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum, between the lungs in man.
It is connotative.

And so, I need a heart…

>Because, I want to remain human. A real human has SYMPATHY as one of the emotions embedded in him as a software by his creator.
Emotions distinguishes man from animals.
It is not for sale.
With sympathy and other emotions, I will not wish another what I will not wish myself.

>Because, I want to remain sane. If I cannot wish others what I wish myself, I can inflict harm on them and that is mentally unhealthy.

>Because, I want to see a baby smile back at me when I smile at him

>Because I want to be hugged without thinking if my hugger has a knife in one of his hands

>Because, I want my EMPATHY mode always activated.

>Because by default, my heart can pick up vibes! Manufacturers’ defect lol
So, if you think good, it’ll pick it up. It helps me in picking good friends from bad ones and people with good intentions from people with bad intentions 🙂

>Because, without it, I can’t pray for Nigerian leaders.

>Because, the bible says I should love my neighbour as myself

>Because with it, i can agnise nature in its purest state and believe that all of nature is interwoven.

>Because, amongst hundreds of other reasons, if anything happens to this heart I hold so dear, protect and nurture, if it breaks, it can be mended, healed, renewed, restored and made whole.

Thank you for reading.

Priscilla Esuku
© 2015


*You wan celebrate my birthday?

We always feel we make the right choices. That’s why we do the things we do.
But the consequences of our actions are the real determining factor as to whether our choices were actually right or wrong.

At the bank, last week, a certain woman was ranting about how that bank was useless and that she wants to close her account there.
Ok, a young lady walked up to her holding a form in her hand and asked the woman her date of birth.

She said ‘1957’.

Then the lady asked for the day and month.

And in a petrifying outburst, the woman shouted *“wetin you wan carry am do? You wan celebrate my birthday?”

There was mixed reaction in the room. Some laughed so hard, some gazed in utmost wonder, some mumbled under their breath and some voiced out their anger.

Seeing that the woman came clothed in rage and restlessness and terribly reeking of trouble-fragrance, there was an attempt to lenify her. But oh! It fuelled her up like she was just getting started!

Anyway, my busy schedule didn’t allow me see the end of the real life movie as I had to leave.
I would have loved to know the end sha 🙂

There are bad days.

No denying that fact.

But maturity would teach us to curb our anger and put our frustration in check.

Certain days, when all seem to go wrong,
I cut short my day and all its event, go somewhere quiet. Home is ok. But a serene atmosphere here is the goal, like the beach.
I lay everything aside.
Close my eyes.
Blank my head.

That’s the difficult one!

Because when you close your physical eyes, your brain opens up the mental eyes  and memories come flooding in like a rush and in one moment, you could have breezed past twelve years!

Hold it! It’s controllable. It takes practice to briefly shut your mind down. Or you might just end up with a migraine.

So, blank your head… the feeling is like when you’re in a room choked full of people and one after the other, they leave the room. Until you are the only one left!

Do not doze off!
I repeat, do not doze off… Lol
This is fact o 🙂

In  a few minutes you would have calmed down. You could pray. Because you are not in control of all the forces in the world so it’s wise to mentally consult a One, higher than you; a tamer of forces.

As you approach tranquility, you might want to finish your day with family or loved ones. Persons who believe in you.

Next day, start your day with prayer and a smile.

You’ll discover that even nature does smile back on her believers.

Thanks for reading.

Priscilla Esuku
© 2015
*wetin you wan carry am do? – What do you want to do with it?

*You wan celebrate my birthday? – Do you want to celebrate my birthday?