Dictionary palava!
Lol that’s a synonym for Naivety 🙂
Check it out-

naivete :
(n.) lack of sophistication or worldliness; naivety; naiveness; (opp. of sophistication, worldliness, mundaneness, mundanity)
So, I talked with a lady in her late twenties  and was shocked when she revealed that she didn’t know about contraceptives!
If she was pretending, I don’t know but I kinda believed her though.
And the way she went about it was like, it’s good she doesn’t because she’s a good girl!
And I’m like, what??? So, I’m bad?!?

Now, I’m writing this as a typical Naija (Nigerian) lady and in this territory, really, such a girl is termed as good.

I told her to clap for herself.
She laughed.

Hey! Please get this straight: Being good and being naive mean two different things!
Knowing about sex doesn’t make you bad, it makes you aware and informed.
That’s what education does for you.
That a teenager knows stuff like that doesn’t mean he or she is bad.
It’s about knowing the limits of information you suck in necessary for your age and environment.
Five minutes discussion and I can tell a good child from a bad one. Anyway that’s a topic for another day.

There are topics that aren’t everyday topics and are very easily misconstrued like sex, love and relationship issues. Mere talking about it can cause you a slight embarrassment.

The adventure of Pangel: Letter to my ex (1) is an excerpt I published here not too long ago and that got some persons asking and thinking very off.
Infact, when I asked a dear friend if she reads my blog, she replied ‘yes, I saw you and your boyfriend wahala’.
Disappointment is not the word to convey my feeling because she obviously did not read to the end to grasp a little of its message. The dictionary doesn’t yet have the word that describes how I felt.
Ladies, please be informed about sex and sex related issues. You don’t have to be spoilt or ‘practise sex’ to know about it.

There’s a word called READ.
All you need is read about it. Get information about it to avoid paying a high price for your ignorance.
As one of my lecturers did say, reading is arm-chair traveling.

Thank you for reading 🙂
Priscilla Esuku
© 2015


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