Circled Cycle

Happy Independence to my lovely Nigerian readers.

You know, In everything…

…the right way is seemingly old-fashioned, but the old-fashioned way is still the right way.
And everything about life is a cycle!

[You’re allowed to take time to ponder on the above statement]

Man must be busy.
Man was created to be busy, hence the advance in technology and invents of patents.
He has made everything easier down to brushing his teeth. There’s the dish washer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, computer, car, aeroplane and so on.

But in time past, our fore-fathers lived in huts built with their own hands, go to the farm and toil for their daily bread, married wives who wake up in the morning to sweep the house AND environment, I mean the entire surrounding every morning.

Cook everyday and had no freezer to store her food.
Raised at least a dozen kids on her own without house maids!
Walked long distances to the market to display their wares for sale.
They weaved their own mats.
Every woman made good use of the needle and thread.
Every single condiment the mothers used in cooking was prepared from scratch including the palm oil and salt.

Do you know hard work??? 🙂

But today the gym is the solution to all the laziness birthed by technologies’ easy life.

We’ve succeeded in making life easy but have had to build machines and devise means to expend the very same excessive energy stored while allowing our machines work for us.
Isn’t this a wonder???
Everything that has had its season in recent time, has had its season decades ago:
-Fashion and her trends
-Telecommunication gadgets
-Household gadgets

And so on.

It’s just a cycle…
All of it.

Priscilla Esuku
© 2015


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