MEET : Ukalina Opuwari , Dance Pro

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Introduce yourself

Hi My name is Ukalina Celine Opuwari, Born October 4th in the 80’s,  the last of 8 children and the last girl, a native of Ahoada East in Rivers state. A graduate of Mass Communication, UNN. Winner of Maltina Dance All Season two, Head of Dance Academy, SPAN, Principal Dancer I-XTREME…….


How long have you been a dancing? What style do you major in?

I have been dancing for more than 15years. My major is Latin and Ballroom…. but i like to try everything..grins

Share your journey as dancer with us

Where do I start from now hmmmmm…. Okay i will start from where i remember…..

I loved dancing as a child and i remember joining the dance group when we had events in my Nursery School and my primary school (Faith Baptist Nursery School and Sea Bed Model Primary School). My first major performance was the Jeans…

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Scarce, scarcer, scarcest

As scarce as fuel or NEPA light.

The above simile should be officially inculcated into the Nigerian English/literature syllabus.

No child will forget that example of simile!


Notice how when fuel(gasoline) is scarce, the price ‘grows’ faster than the breeding of our dear tropical friend, mosquitoes :)?
And when we finally see a station managing to sell, we ungrudgingly defy the queue and buy with smiles making calls to our loved ones saying ‘dem get fuel o’

Or when Nigeria’s greatest nightmare, NEPA, abi PHCN, abi ‘what is their latest name now?’ carry out their award winning act by ‘taking’ and ‘bringing’ their light, with a blitheful smile, we ecstatically scream with our two tightly fisted hands shooting to the heavens ‘up NEPA!’

Abnormal is the new normal 😐

Ok that was not my focus. I wanted to get your attention 🙂

What am I trying to say?

Try being scarce. Now, I’m talking of human scarcity.


How? Travel. Go away from your regular vicinity for a while.

And see how missed you’ll be and how loved you’ll feel when you finally return.
You’d be amazed!
It’s a priceless feeling almost akin to when NEPA brings light lol
Joking o!
(I know that’s a lame comparison but before generator became a necessary necessity, it wasn’t)

Summary: Be scarce once in a while, not too long to be forgotten and not to short not to be missed.

Thank you for reading.

Priscilla Esuku
© 2015

Lost or Traded?

A virtue so lost that a trace of it is now so negligible
A word so beautiful but the sound of it barely heard
A quality so valuable but now so cheap and highly devalued

Lost or traded?
Her denigration will birth a price too high to pay for
It is not too late
She can be salvaged
It starts with you and I

© Priscilla Esuku

Odd Sexual Preference: Parenting gone wrong?

Odd sexual preference is a sign of parenting gone wrong.

Man is referred to as the higher animal. And possesses accordingly, a higher level of reasoning. The lower animals, also, possess a reasoning high enough to function and survive at their level.
It is instilled in the lower animals by their creator for the male to mate with the female.
Same goes for the higher animal!

Now, my question is: What went wrong in the odd sexual preference of some persons today?

I know that every man is a free being and is entitled to his belief and choices. But that does not spare us from the consequences if and when we falter!
Let’s face it.

Wrong parenting has left us today with so many scars on the society displayed by ill-mannerism, social ills and vices

Nobody chose his or her sex when he or she was born. And, when a male is born, he survives best as a male, and gets to his highest potential as a male.

If that is true, why should he/she (he) choose to change his/her (his) sex?

Why should he choose to have ‘sex’ with his kind?
If it were to be so, we would be structured accordingly.
A plug goes into a socket!
Of what use is a socket and a socket?
Or a plug and a plug???

In dictionaries and biology texts, we have the definition of sexual intercourse as a copulation between the male and female…
Are our children going to grow to see a different definition in the dictionary for the term ‘sexual intercourse’?

Children are and should always be under the watch of their parents or guardian.
If closely monitored, a parent should notice the seclusion of a child and find an interpretation to the psychological display by probing. It starts from there.
It’s bad when a parent can’t notice odd behaviors of their children.

When a kid feels neglected, his behavior is broadly characterized as either
-Violence (for extroverts) or
-Seclusion (for introverts)

Violence is seen in children who are outwardly expressive and extroverts by nature.
They take it out on society and people around. They believe others should pay for their sufferings. Serial killers fall under this category.

But when a child exhibits seclusion as a result of his introvert nature, he is most likely to ‘self-hurt’. For instance, he could feel if he was born a woman, things could be better or even opt for suicide as a last resort.

This article is a wake up call to every parent and guardian to watch their kids closely. Let us not think that this sex-change going on in the West is peculiar to them alone. If the poverty level weren’t so high, you’d be surprised to see people from Africa wanting to undergo sex-change in their numbers. Then we would ask where the craziness erupted from.
It’s not so far from us.

I commend African parents.
African parents do not spare the rod.
It’s evident. Our kids still greet their elders, and address them respectfully etc.
But, we must instil confidence in our children and teach them to love themselves the way they are.
They must not think that God made a mistake creating them the way He did.

There is another side of the story that we are not being told about.
But time will tell if the ‘sex-changers’ and ‘sex-changees’ are actually living that fulfilled life they claim they’re living.
And that it’s all rosy for them since the surgery.

Vanity. In the end, what next???
Disclaimer: This article is in no way written to incite malicious hate or cause prejudice to anyone who disagrees but appeals to the individual mind from a relative point of view.
© Priscilla Esuku