🎵 ‘London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,
London bridge is falling down
My dear lady’🎵

Kai! If you don’t know this rhyme, you lived in Pluto walahi 🙂


Many of us never knew the origin of this rhyme was from a beautiful poetry!

That’s why I love poetry.
Poetry is to writing what rap is to music.
It enables you to say so much in so little words.

It engineers creativity in its readers by giving them the platform to visualize, interpret and deduce a meaning out of it. And in poetry, oh! I love this part, in poetry, no interpretation is wrong as long as you don’t deviate from the theme!
Isn’t that beautiful?

Meanwhile, please, abeg, biko, soso, mbok, before one professor of Literature will analyze and ‘breako-syze’ me, I am just a chemist but a lover of poetry 🙂

Check this out:

London Bridge
Is Broken down,
Dance over my Lady Lee.
London Bridge
Is Broken down
With a gay Lady.

How shall we build
It up again,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Build it up with
Gravel, and Stone,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Gravel, and Stone,
Will wash away,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Build it up with
Iron, and Steel,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Iron, and Steel,
Will bend, and Bow,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Build it up with
Silver, and Gold,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Silver, and Gold
Will be stolen away,
Dance over my Lady Lee, &c.

Then we’l set
A man to Watch,
Dance over my Lady Lee.
Then we’l set
A man to Watch,
With a gay Lady.
Now, Wikipedia has a concise account of this poem for study purposes. But this blog only refers to it as a connotation and to open your eyes to the world of poetry.

So, when next you see a poem, take a break to feed and recharge your brain by assimilating every word to the delight of your soul.

Thanks for reading  🙂

© Priscilla Esuku

Reference: Poem – Wikipedia


Matters of the heart are very delicate o!
Well this is just my opinion though.


Ladies, you can only give a man the ‘power’ or I think ‘muscle’ to attempt a heart-break!

There are so many kinds of breaks eg prison-break.
A lot of planning goes into breaking out of a prison.

Ok, let’s marry the two comparison!

He’ll always leave a clue!!!

Don’t be blinded by love, my dear. Love is not blind at alllll. If it is blind, it is foolishness.
I’m sorry, being harsh is not my intention but it has to be said pop and plain.
How can you have eyes and choose not to see? Or have a brain and choose not to think? Mbanu that’s not how things are done my dear.

Once you see the clue, leave with your pride and dignity.
If he ever loved you, reconciliation is easier.

Execution of plan A is a heinous task. But if the ‘break’ was successful, I recommend the following steps:

1. Find a good shoulder and cry on. A good shoulder is better than a pillow.
Because, talking in and as part of counseling, is a healing process.
Except you don’t have a trust-worthy ‘shoulder’, but you should.
Crying also helps to relieve the high tension in you. There’ll always be this relief when you’ve had a good cry during grief.

2. Duration of crying…  You may castigate me, but if you look deeper, you’ll smell the air of truth in this next statement.
Duration of crying should not exceed 72hours!

Let it sink!

Ok. Seriously. You’ll only be doing yourself more harm than good, if you continue. The tears are not magic na.

72hours max!

3. Enter your closet, bring out those hot dresses. Wear a good makeup and a mesmerizing scent. Put on good heels.
Find a worthy event.

And place the new you on a pedestal!

Now, you may, not even may, you’ll most likely still be hurt, but pleaseee put on a smile.
Do not be bitter. Every other person but the bad guy does not deserve your bitterness.
And even the bad guy too should not be shown that bitterness.
You know why?
He just lost a gem!
And it will take only you to make him realize that.
That’s why you should keep busy and go out!
Go for worthy events, look better than he ever imagined you’ll be.
Also, getting busy will help you take your thoughts of the bad guy and thus not plunge you backwards to a mood of despair.

It may happen once in a while, I mean the crying. But always try to be in control.

4. Lastly, while you’re getting busy, measure your progress!
Don’t just get busy for nothing.
Better still, don’t just get busy doing nothing.

Measure your progress, weekly or monthly. Set goals you must achieve such that, at the end of the day, you’re by far a better person than the bad guy ever knew.
As you measure your progress, please do not, I repeat, DO NOT NEGLECT TO ALSO MEASURE THE PROGRESS IN YOUR ATTITUDE CHANGE!

The bad guy may not even be bad after all, you just might have catalyzed the reaction by spewing unrefined and undefined aspects of you that shouldn’t be found in you.

So, get better in attitude.
Learn to be polite
Learn to be nice
Learn to smile
Learn to always say sorry and thank you
Learn to be courteous
And above all, LEARN TO BE VIRTOUS.

Pastor David Ogbueli rightly said, virtue sells better than beauty.

If this doesn’t work, I recommend you go to mount Sinai and fast and pray for 80 days. Your case needs serious attention.

If this is insightful, please I’ll like to hear from you in the comment section.
Thanks for reading.

© Priscilla Esuku

Poetry: THIRTY

Poetry: THIRTY

Time has flown so fast, it’s triple decennium already!

Happiness and contentment: must have ingredients for experience to tell her story

I was told ‘You have all it takes to thrive’ and still I strive towards the mark deliriously

Reminiscing on how it was every inch worth it, every step of the way

Tomorrow comes with great anticipation inspiringly

You, I pray will be a part of my success story

© Priscilla Esuku